Board Certification

Certification Requirements & Application

While in December 2006, the Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board authorized the American Academy of ADR Attorneys to “board certify” qualified mediators under Iowa Rule of Professional Conduct 32:7.4(d), that rule currently provides for the following:


* * *

(d) A lawyer shall not state or imply that a lawyer is certified as a specialist in a particular field of law, unless:

(1) the lawyer has been certified as a specialist by an organization or state authority that the attorney can demonstrate is qualified to grant such certification to attorneys who meet objective and consistently applied standards relevant to practice in a particular area of law;

(2) the name of the certifying organization is clearly identified in the communication;

(3) the reference to the certification must be truthful and verifiable and may not be misleading in violation of rule 32:7.1; and

(4) the representation by the lawyer that he or she is certified as a specialist states that the Supreme Court of Iowa does not certify lawyers as specialists in the practice of law and that certification is not a requirement to practice law in the State of Iowa.

A link to the current AAAA Board Certified members, as well as rules and application forms pertaining to board certification are provided below.

Current AAAA Board Certified Members

Requirements for Board Certification as a Mediator

To be considered, a candidate must submit a written application to AAAA demonstrating completion of requirements in education, mediation experience, peer approval, bar admission and accompanying fee.

Download Board Certification Requirements

Board Certification Application

The completed application and attachments must be submitted along with a check.

Download Board Certification Application

Certification Renewal Form

Each certified mediator must complete six (6) hours of ADR continuing legal education every year and submit proof of having conducted at least six (6) mediations during the same period.

Download Board Certification Renewal

Submission of Applications

Further information and approved application forms for initial board certification and renewals may be obtained from:

American Academy of ADR Attorneys
2500 W. 2nd Avenue, Suite 13
Indianola, IA 50125
515-442-2451 ph
866-442-6751 fax